Monday, October 9, 2017


October 9, 2017

It was a great and enjoyable day for me when Ms Yembem Tombi Devi along with Mr.Aribam Shantikumar and Mr. Irom Pivershu Singh from All India Rado, Imphal station visited my brother Irabanta's house where I'm staying. Interviewing me to know about my origin as a child and my continuing education after my IA from D M college to the time of graduation for nursing under Delhi University. We talked about my marriage to an outsider and my professional life then my life as a housewife, mother, and grandmother. Lastly my life as a writer, we discussed how I got into writing. Initially I never imagined to write and publish a book. After publishing my three book in English finally I could publish a book in Manipuri titled " Nurse Hemabati." Finally I gifted a copy my book to each of them. Took pictures together.. We parted after drinks and snack. 

Leikol foundation day

October 3rd, 2017
Leimarol Khorjeikol (Leikol)
Dave Literature Centre
DM college complex
Imphal, Manipur.
 Foundation Day (Mapok Numit.) was celebrated at Dave Literature Center. A special gift,a carved figure of lord Pakhangba (Meitei's believe)  was presented to me.
As chief guest I was introduced by Dr. Aruna Nepram, head of the Manipuri Department to the members of the organization.
Thanking Dr. Aruna and all the members for giving me a chance to know about the organization I spoke about how I started writing. I had no plan to write and publish a book initially but came across a TV interview of a memoir writer Linda, B Myers talking about her childhood days when her mother left her with grand mother. Rejection by her mother brought her into resentment during her growing up into adulthood. After she wrote the book "Don't call me mother" a memoir  she felt relieved and even forgave her mother. I immediately joined her workshop and later other on line classes on writing from  well own writers like Sheila Benders, Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonett. There was no turning point since then and thus continued writing.

Executive committee :

President: Prof. N Aruna
Vice President : Th. Binapati

Secretary: Dr. Nepram Maya
Jt. Secretary: Dr. W. Kumari Chanu,
                       G. Ghanapriya

Treasurer: Ch.  (O) Subadani

Editor: Bimapani Thiyam Ongbi

Executive members: H Seityabati
                                  Dr. Ch. Sheelaramani
                                   Dr. L Sangita
                                   Dr. S. Shantibala
Ex- officious: Dr. Kh Sarojini

Saturday, September 30, 2017

My book "Nurse Hemabati" release.

September 24, 2017
Lamyanba Sanglen, Konung Lampak, Imphal

Organized by Rinda Publications
Chephong and wari matcha phongba

1. The muse (Lon anigi chephong).   Editor Rajen Khumukcham
2) wahoudok amasung meitei wareng ama ----Writer Pro. N Tombi Singh
                                                                      (Nomoi pundit)
3) Nurse Hemabati (wari macha)   ----------Jamuna Devi Advani

4) Formation of government of Manipur ------Dr. Kh Tombisana Singh
5) General linguistic and history of English language.

VIPs :
Honorable MD Fajur Rahim MLA  36 wabgai AC
 Thouram  mapu
Dr. Bodhchandra
Sahitya academy awardi

Akhannaba lengbirakpa oina  Lairikki lengbirakpa
Dr. Thokchom Ibohal Singh
Dr. Moirangthem Priyobarta Singh.

Thouram Pareng:
1.55 pm-- Mayam punba/ guests seating
2 pm--athoiba lengbirakpa, thouram mapu amadi akhannaba lenbirakpa oina lairikki maramda
Ngangbigadabana famfamlangda lensinnaba
Athoiba lengbirakpa thouramgi meira chukhatpa
Miyambu taram taramna okchaba: Rajen Khumukcham
Chefong amasung lairik mathang mathang fongdokpa
Presski mioi ahumda achamba khudolpot tamba

Padma Printers, Governor road, Imphalgi - Soibam Irabot

Lamyanba Printers Konung Lampak, Imphal gi-- Taorem

Yaibirel communications, uripok, Imphal gi --Imojit Ningomba

Aibasingi warol--Prof.. N. Tombi Singh
                          --Jamuna Devi Advani
                           --Dr. Kh. Tombisana
                           --Dr. N Rameswer

Lairikki maramda
Athoiba lengbirakpa gi warol
Thouram mapu gi warol
That at washed
Achamba acha athak kharadang

Organized by
 Rinda Publications
Sagolband, Khamnam Leirak
Phone 9856265299

Rinda Publication

Friday, June 2, 2017

Blue Moon
Peeping through the window,
Resting my chin on the cool window sill
I drink the calm silvery light.

In the solitude of the moonlit night
Intoxicated and sleepless
I surrender myself to the gentle breeze
Whispering my love’s message
In my ear, I cannot hear
But my heart can feel-
No other sound except my heartbeat
And the lonely cricket.

I would rather stay awake
While moonlight shines gently
Till the moon departs
And twilight approaches
Bidding me farewell
Leaving me enchanted,
Intoxicated with its

Seductively calm silvery light.