Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Turkeys all around the creek and one fanning out i saw for the first time today while walking in the morning today Dec 15, 2017. The creek luring me morning and evening every day it is become my daily ritual.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Black Friday

November 27, 2017
Today’s Black  Friday’s calling
 As I got a pat on my back, “ go ahead, you wanted to take advantage of the  sale yesterday at JcPenney, but you missed it as you changed your mind in the last moment.”
 I knew I should be trying again today  as I missed yesterday’s sale. Hesitation lingered on for some time and  considering also I might regret later on I finally ventured out around 10.45 am taking the route Alcosta Blvd and then San Ramon Valley Blvd I driving toward Mall. When I reached there parked at my usual JCPenny parking lot and after locking the car and I walked toward JCPenney store. Surprisingly there were lots of parking spaces available. I see quite a few people coming out with bags of their purchases. 
Going straight to the ladies shoe department I found people were already browsing the stacks of shoes and for a moment I doubted if I could get my stuff. Surprisingly I didn’t have a desire to see anything else except the ankle length  boot I had been wanting for myself. After one hour or so I got one brownish suede, grabbing it with my right hand I started looking for customer service counter to pay my bill. I saw long line everywhere.  Then  finally I got into the line where ladies’ plus size garments on display. I had to be patient as the day was a black Friday and people were taking the right moment for their purchasea. Encountering such a situation was but natural on this day.   After about 35 minutes in the line I got my turn and used my coupon and my new JCPenney reward card. The boot valued $69.00 came down to $21.27 only and I was satisfied.
Surprisingly I didn’t have any desire to go around window shopping and hence took the escalator down to first floor, walked through the  bra department and then to the door to get out toward my car. My venture was fruitful and I was happy. By that time parking lots were full and people were trying to get  spot. Oh I thank god I was out at the right moment from the house.
 As soon as I got into my car and called Paromita back as I couldn’t talk to her when I was standing in the line. She wanted to drop by tomorrow and give me turkey soup which she made from her left over turkey. I said ok.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

panaromic view from San Ramon Park

valley of Dublin, San Ramon between hills

visit to Phaidinga garden 1952
Just came across this old picture taken during year i gave my matriculation examination in 1952   All these girls were my seniors and wonder how I happened to accompany them. 
soft morning sunlight on the tender grasses

evening shadow on our street 

leaves crackling under my feet
morning walk takes me to the creek where I can converse with  nature and the universe. How serene all these I can sit here and spend the whole day contemplating on the beauty of the universe.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Visiting Shillong,, Cherrapunji in Meghalaya

As planned earlier I had to leave for Shillong on October 23, 2017 on my way back to Delhi and then to US on November 1, 2017,  My friend Nurara had just visited  Imphal and I wanted to go to Shillong  after seven years. It was partly to see the Shillong so that I could contribute  to  the Sindhi community there as a token of appreciation for all they did during my husband Rup's demise on February 17, 1997.  Also Mrs Hazarika had arranged for visit to Cherrapunji.  It was a great experience for us to see a new JIVAresort place also near Cherrapunji  over and above the one Jiva Veg in Nongpoh half way from Guwahati to Shillong..
 I shall always be grateful to Dutt's family for arranging everything for my husband before the cremation. It was at their house that he had his final rest after the hospital stay February 16 to 17 due to the stroke and taken for cremation at the Sindhi cremation ground. I wanted to donate Rs 25,00.00 (twenty five thousand) to the United Sindhi Association.  Handed the check to Haresh of Uncle's shop. I pray that my husband's soul rest in peace. On October 23 Mrs Hazarika and I went to Guwahati and stayed at Hotel Vivanta Khannapara for the night to catch the flight next day for Delhi. Mrs Hazarika had to return to Shillong after dropping me at the Airport.I am so happy to have had company of Nuraara and Anita during my trip this time to Imphal after my publication of book in Manipuri "Nuse Hemabati"

at Anjali's house atJIVA resort,on cherrapunji ,Nurarra with Jamuna

entrance hazarikas

Hazarika's Business name

North East Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Medical and health 

Jamuna and Nurara at cherrapunji

JIVA resort near Cherrapunji

on way to cherrapunji with Mr and Mrs Hazarika

nehalika fall at Cherrapunji

JIBA VEG at Nongpoh

Friday, December 1, 2017

Leikol Foundation Day

Pictures taken on Leikol Foundation Day October 3, 2017 at Imphal, Manipur India.

Day of Book Realease

The day on the podium I stood
September 24, 2017
expecting the wave of conversations
in the hall to last few seconds more.
But the pin drop silence stunned me
deafening both my ears
a pinch of nervousness cheeped in
while the attention of the audience
pinpointed at me
i felt like new puppy just born;
as curious eyes daunted on me..

what can I say,
 the steam of silence was destined
to pump up my awaiting speech.
the day had come not knowing
how it had to happen
why it had happened.
but acknowledging  it
was  the only solution.

just thinking of what I wanted to say
and nothing more.
the message Ii meant to convey
to the people facing me around me,

so it  did happen and I did
what I wanted to do.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Big Day

My Big Day. March 21, 2015
While growing up
I never knew what birth day celebration was.
We Manipuri Meiteis of India, only had
A customary religious ceremony known as “Laiming Lauba”
During  puberty or older,
 sanctifying the young ones(like baptism). Thereafter
A string of beads known as Urik had to be worn
Around one’s neck for good. Then,
Eating eggs banned permanently,
Only  fish being allowed we became fish vegetarians.

When I turned 19,  I had become a part of Delhi life
And birthday wishes came by surprise from friends
But never from my Manipuri family;
Soon marrying an outsider brought more life style changes.

When I was soon to turn 80 my daughter
Shobha confirmed I had no objections to revealing
My age, so she planned a celebration. The day before,
I was in my room watching TV shows,
When two figures barged into the room.
Was it real or just imaginary? My oldest
 Daughter Lata and my son Jibesh had flown
From Toronto for my Big Day, Saturday
March 21, 2015 at Clay Oven.  I cherish every moment of it.
The Chicken tandoori and fish curry, mixed vegetables,
Raita (yogurt with thinly sliced tomato, green chilli, salt), Paneer curry,
Kheer/rice pudding, accompanied by basmati rice, Nan/roti

Wine and beer in abundance along with fruit juices
In cans and bottles for all the guests,
My Indian and American friends along
With my loving family members. I love them all
And I love fish preparations in any form
And chicken dishes, too. I cannot ask for more.

Written by Jamuna Advani 10/15/15

My last trip to home town Imphal, India.

December 2015.

The Sangai Festival lured me
to the place I was born
my home town Imphal
But the gloomy air
hung on with the scarcity of everything.
availability of funds restricted from the banks
scarcity of things for daily needs doomed the atmosphere
the dragon blocade lurking all sides
the  gloomy air lingers in my breathe
while demonetized money flying all over
like an abandoned child..

My son’s Wedding Bell. (December 27, 2014)

Saturday, December 27, 2014 was the big day for my son Jibesh Advani and his fiancée Rachna Khetri as they  had been planning for the last one year. No doubt this is the big day for all the family members too, because all had come to Toronto from all over the state to attend the wedding.

Figure 1A Meera, Jyoti, Jamuna
I  arrived at Toronto two weeks earlier and stayed at my son and his fiancée Rachna’s new home which they recently purchased. It was cute and manageable house which could accommodate my two grandsons when they visit on alternate weekends,  other rooms for Shaaya, Rachna’s daughter from her previous marriage and Jyoti her mom. It was a comfortable cute moderately big house.  

Figure 2 Jamuna with Lata, Jibesh, Shobha
 Finally, our out of town guests, family members have arrived one day before the wedding and they were accommodated at Hotel Marriot. Saboos and Dutts were my sister-in-law, Meera’s  children and their families. Jaivardhan(Tinu) Meera’s sono-in-law was asked to speak and to perform as MC. Since he was ready to speak but not to be MC my daughter Lata took over the responsibility of being MC. Tinu’s wife Pallavi (Meera’s daughter) was all ready to dance after the wedding.  Their daughter Shivani, now in 12th grade along with her cousins Maya, Ella, Alex were having good time. My second daughter Shobha’s sons Dev, Leon and Lucas were also able to attend as they all had Christmas vacation time.  So it was a big crowd of cousins when my other grandsons Gavin and Brayden joined the crowd. Saaiya was a part of the cousins’ crowd.  At my son and Rachna’s home all the cousins had fun at the basement with the wide screen TV on the wall.
The mini bus took all the guests to the Elite Bouquet Hall at 1850 Albion Road. The decoration along with the setup of the hall was superb  and done very artistically. Jyoti, Meera and I were there earlier as my son the groom had to be there before everyone turns up. The kids Gavin, Brayden and Saaya also came with us. The bride’s make up room was too small and hence we all were trying to accommodate at the hall way and around it, taking seats at the available chairs at the entrance.
The decoration at the hall and the wedding pandal was beyond imagination. A bit of cream color touch and shiny ingrates made it more decorative and elegant. All the guests were to be ushered to their assigned tables by Bianca and Saaya at the entrance to the hall. Brayden also helped the guests to enjoy the snacks and drinks arranged at the corner of the hall. The Pandal (where the priests performs rituals for the wedding} an enclosure at the end of the hall’s right hand side was artistically decorated with  white lacy fabrics and in the middle of it, the two chairs for the bride and the groom.  The other side was for the groom and bride’s mothers and aunt. At the opposite side was for the three kids and the priest who conducted the rituals for the wedding.

Figure 3Jibesh putting garland on Rachna

Figure 4 groom and bride ready for the wedding
Two professional camera men came ahead of the ceremony and started clicking pictures for all who were already present there. As the bramhin/priest came in the ritual started with groom sitting at the assigned chair while we all took our seats. The guests started arriving in time while the photographers  clicked  pictures for all the arriving guests. Lata my oldest daughter, the MC for the occasion started introducing the wedding plan step by step. When the ritual was ready for the bride to come inside, Lata announced and requested the audience to welcome the bride. Once the bride came in and exchange of garlands between the bride and groom took place as seen here.
 The oath was taken by both groom and bride in front of the lighted fire by going around it three times. Then later both had to step on seven pan petals declaring their live in health and sickness together until death.
Once the ceremony was over the priest took out the official court paper to be signed by witnesses.  Jyoti bride’s mom and I Jamuna,  groom’s mom signed the paper. Then they both were pronounced as husband and wife, Rachna was now Mrs Advani.  

Figure  5groom's mom welcoming the bride
Lata announced the offer of drinks and lassi while groom’s mother was asked to give her speech. So I was a bit surprised as I didn’t realize I had to speak first. I got up and welcomed Rachna into our Advani frmily. Then Betu/ Subir Dutt spoke followed by Tinu/Jai Saboo spoke in different languages. Lastly bride Rachna spoke as she remembered her dad who passed away one and half year back and she was missing him. Finally when the MC announced for drinks and also dinner at their assigned tables. Everyone enjoyed the drinks  followed by dinner. Once the dinner was over and tables were cleared the music was on. Then both groom and bride came to the dance floor and danced and later joined by all who enjoyed dancing. The dance floor was full and everyone was enjoying to heart’s content.

I was also dragged to the floor and hence joined the group. My second daughter Shobha was initiating for the dance and I followed her to join the group of dancers already on the floor. My son’s friends, some of them who were Canadians wearing  Indian outfits for the occasion were having fun. As a mother, my heart swelled with happiness. Most of the guests stayed till 12 midnight which was the time limit allowed for the wedding at the venue. Almost everyone left and our family members only were waiting for the limousine to come and pick us all back to the hotel and home. One of my son’s friend was not leaving as he was excited talking to Jibesh after few drinks. Finally we could say good night to him and we could get back home in our vehicle.

A poem for the newly married couple:
The second chance of love and happiness
Now found in my son’s life,
The broken string of vows of a married life
Which laid shattered, and scattered, while
The threads connecting lives of their
Innocent kids hanging loose,
Revealing in their eyes, trauma and sadness
Now healed with time and love.

As the universe embraces them
Into a future of eternal hope and love
Holding hands together
Vows taken to the spirit of life
“The Fire”
A promise for their future live,
A new year and a new oath taken on this day,  
While their kids and all others ring the bell of happiness.

A mother’s cry of happiness can be reckoned
As her only son now relieved from the
Four walls of grief and sorrow
His  broken heart now healed
A newly found love in his life
Tying a fresh new knot
For a family life filled with peace and happiness.
As a mother, I breathe in the echoes of it
Then breath out eternal blessings
To the newly married couple.


Monday, November 13, 2017


My travelogue: October 11, 2017
My friend from Shillong Ms Nurara Hazarika and Anita Teckchandani arrived at Imphal Tulihal airpot  around 12 noon and about 30 minutes interval between them. Gojen and I took pass to go inside and wait for them till both arrive and get their luggage. Even though it was hot that day since we could stay inside it was pleasurable experience.
at awunching garden    

khangabok, Thoubal
As Anita arrived earlier we had to wait for Mrs Hazarika to arrive and she could come out about 30 minutes later. we finally could come out with their luggage. it was indeed a nice get together after about 7 years with Nurara and one year with  Anita. It was no doubt a memorable encounter for three of us. We really enjoyed stay together at Hotel Imphal after staying one night at Irabanta's fith floor. After sightseeing it was going to be a difficult climb for both of them and hence decided to book a room for three of us with extra bed.

First day we just drove around Imphal town and next day we headed for Loktak Lake at Moirang.
October 12, 2017. On the way to Moirang we stopped at the India Peace Memorial. Then drove toward Khuga Dam at Churachandpur a town.later after Churachandpur visited the INA museum  then headed toward Sendra and for boating at Loktak lake.
boat ride at loktak

A little incident made all of us shaky but luckily Mrs Nurara Hazarika fell down while getting into the boat after taking shelter from  the storm hit ting the lake and the islands.Next day we had a good timeAunching garden and then Kombirei Leikol.
Boat ride at Loktak
 we tried typical manipuri food at Luxmi kitchen where Nurara liked it a lot but for Anita it didn't appeal her much. they tried chakhao kheer and fish cake/nga paknum.
My friends gold some gold earring for her grand kid for remembrance. she also got things for her use at home business.  Anita got a gift of blanket from Irabanta.and an umbrella for Nurara.

taking shelter at island at loktak

aunching garden
on 15 October we had gone to wwll memorial cemetery then in the evening a stroll at the evening plaza by the kangla pat.

Kakching garden
At kakching garden
Rainy day at kakching

at Aunching

sendra at Loktak lake

Sendra near Loktak lake

dam at churachandpur
at spot last Japanese battle
at Kombirei leikol

kombirei leikol

evening plaza at Kanglapat

lunch at kombirei leikol

Evening plaza at Kanla pat

stroll at evening plaza kanglapat.
Both my friends left on 16th October for their home at Shillong and Kolkata. The memories spending together at Hotel Imphal will remain always a sweet one.

Monday, October 9, 2017


October 9, 2017

It was a great and enjoyable day for me when Ms Yembem Tombi Devi along with Mr.Aribam Shantikumar and Mr. Irom Pivershu Singh from All India Rado, Imphal station visited my brother Irabanta's house where I'm staying. Interviewing me to know about my origin as a child and my continuing education after my IA from D M college to the time of graduation for nursing under Delhi University. We talked about my marriage to an outsider and my professional life then my life as a housewife, mother, and grandmother. Lastly my life as a writer, we discussed how I got into writing. Initially I never imagined to write and publish a book. After publishing my three book in English finally I could publish a book in Manipuri titled " Nurse Hemabati." Finally I gifted a copy my book to each of them. Took pictures together.. We parted after drinks and snack. 

Leikol foundation day

October 3rd, 2017
Leimarol Khorjeikol (Leikol)
Dave Literature Centre
DM college complex
Imphal, Manipur.
 Foundation Day (Mapok Numit.) was celebrated at Dave Literature Center. A special gift,a carved figure of lord Pakhangba (Meitei's believe)  was presented to me.
As chief guest I was introduced by Dr. Aruna Nepram, head of the Manipuri Department to the members of the organization.
Thanking Dr. Aruna and all the members for giving me a chance to know about the organization I spoke about how I started writing. I had no plan to write and publish a book initially but came across a TV interview of a memoir writer Linda, B Myers talking about her childhood days when her mother left her with grand mother. Rejection by her mother brought her into resentment during her growing up into adulthood. After she wrote the book "Don't call me mother" a memoir  she felt relieved and even forgave her mother. I immediately joined her workshop and later other on line classes on writing from  well own writers like Sheila Benders, Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonett. There was no turning point since then and thus continued writing.

Executive committee :

President: Prof. N Aruna
Vice President : Th. Binapati

Secretary: Dr. Nepram Maya
Jt. Secretary: Dr. W. Kumari Chanu,
                       G. Ghanapriya

Treasurer: Ch.  (O) Subadani

Editor: Bimapani Thiyam Ongbi

Executive members: H Seityabati
                                  Dr. Ch. Sheelaramani
                                   Dr. L Sangita
                                   Dr. S. Shantibala
Ex- officious: Dr. Kh Sarojini

Saturday, September 30, 2017

My book "Nurse Hemabati" release.

September 24, 2017
Lamyanba Sanglen, Konung Lampak, Imphal

Organized by Rinda Publications
Chephong and wari matcha phongba

1. The muse (Lon anigi chephong).   Editor Rajen Khumukcham
2) wahoudok amasung meitei wareng ama ----Writer Pro. N Tombi Singh
                                                                      (Nomoi pundit)
3) Nurse Hemabati (wari macha)   ----------Jamuna Devi Advani

4) Formation of government of Manipur ------Dr. Kh Tombisana Singh
5) General linguistic and history of English language.

VIPs :
Honorable MD Fajur Rahim MLA  36 wabgai AC
 Thouram  mapu
Dr. Bodhchandra
Sahitya academy awardi

Akhannaba lengbirakpa oina  Lairikki lengbirakpa
Dr. Thokchom Ibohal Singh
Dr. Moirangthem Priyobarta Singh.

Thouram Pareng:
1.55 pm-- Mayam punba/ guests seating
2 pm--athoiba lengbirakpa, thouram mapu amadi akhannaba lenbirakpa oina lairikki maramda
Ngangbigadabana famfamlangda lensinnaba
Athoiba lengbirakpa thouramgi meira chukhatpa
Miyambu taram taramna okchaba: Rajen Khumukcham
Chefong amasung lairik mathang mathang fongdokpa
Presski mioi ahumda achamba khudolpot tamba

Padma Printers, Governor road, Imphalgi - Soibam Irabot

Lamyanba Printers Konung Lampak, Imphal gi-- Taorem

Yaibirel communications, uripok, Imphal gi --Imojit Ningomba

Aibasingi warol--Prof.. N. Tombi Singh
                          --Jamuna Devi Advani
                           --Dr. Kh. Tombisana
                           --Dr. N Rameswer

Lairikki maramda
Athoiba lengbirakpa gi warol
Thouram mapu gi warol
That at washed
Achamba acha athak kharadang

Organized by
 Rinda Publications
Sagolband, Khamnam Leirak
Phone 9856265299

Rinda Publication

Friday, June 2, 2017

Blue Moon
Peeping through the window,
Resting my chin on the cool window sill
I drink the calm silvery light.

In the solitude of the moonlit night
Intoxicated and sleepless
I surrender myself to the gentle breeze
Whispering my love’s message
In my ear, I cannot hear
But my heart can feel-
No other sound except my heartbeat
And the lonely cricket.

I would rather stay awake
While moonlight shines gently
Till the moon departs
And twilight approaches
Bidding me farewell
Leaving me enchanted,
Intoxicated with its

Seductively calm silvery light.