Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spending quality time with Lena To and Lisa and having lunch at Sweet Tomatoes it was a great day for me. The lunch was good and had reasonable amount to eat within the price we paid for. she was very helpful by purchasing at discounted price of my hair spray at Beauty Supply at Dublin. She has been always a helpful person. I knew her since we were in JCPenney Beauty parlor.
But it is difficult to convince her about the Nichiren Buddhism as she strictly follows the usual Temple worship with priests' rituals and all other that go on. Anyway I don't want to loose friendship so I don't insist on my belief. Just I am sharing the benefits I get from practicing it. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 1, 2018
It was a moment of loss, lost physically and mentally, Trying to be cordial to my friend of nearly ten years and now she in a stage of dementia. /When I went to see her she didn't remember why I went to see her. She has been bugging me to meet her and talk to her. Talking to her has become a blur as   she forgets everything I had informed her so that I could help her in some  way.  Whatever she does she needs help from her husband or her daughter, then only I can be of help indirectly. I cannot do taking initiative. I can only give her suggestion. How dementia can ruin one's way of living and I wish something comes up to cure this condition called dementia.   

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas celebration

At Los Gatos California,our family friend Paromita and Sujan Chakrabarty's house celebrating Christmas with all the close friends and families, starting at 3pm we were all stuffed with appetizers and various snacks, not ready for a complete dinner which was coming shortly. We played a game passing around cushion with music and many had to dance and take a shot. It was fun people to see hurriedly passing and throwing the cushion.in circle. Luckily I didn't have to sing or take a shot. I had Supriya's mon Meera to talk to. She is very quiet this time after living at the facility for her care.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Turkeys all around the creek and one fanning out i saw for the first time today while walking in the morning today Dec 15, 2017. The creek luring me morning and evening every day it is become my daily ritual.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Black Friday

November 27, 2017
Today’s Black  Friday’s calling
 As I got a pat on my back, “ go ahead, you wanted to take advantage of the  sale yesterday at JcPenney, but you missed it as you changed your mind in the last moment.”
 I knew I should be trying again today  as I missed yesterday’s sale. Hesitation lingered on for some time and  considering also I might regret later on I finally ventured out around 10.45 am taking the route Alcosta Blvd and then San Ramon Valley Blvd I driving toward Mall. When I reached there parked at my usual JCPenny parking lot and after locking the car and I walked toward JCPenney store. Surprisingly there were lots of parking spaces available. I see quite a few people coming out with bags of their purchases. 
Going straight to the ladies shoe department I found people were already browsing the stacks of shoes and for a moment I doubted if I could get my stuff. Surprisingly I didn’t have a desire to see anything else except the ankle length  boot I had been wanting for myself. After one hour or so I got one brownish suede, grabbing it with my right hand I started looking for customer service counter to pay my bill. I saw long line everywhere.  Then  finally I got into the line where ladies’ plus size garments on display. I had to be patient as the day was a black Friday and people were taking the right moment for their purchasea. Encountering such a situation was but natural on this day.   After about 35 minutes in the line I got my turn and used my coupon and my new JCPenney reward card. The boot valued $69.00 came down to $21.27 only and I was satisfied.
Surprisingly I didn’t have any desire to go around window shopping and hence took the escalator down to first floor, walked through the  bra department and then to the door to get out toward my car. My venture was fruitful and I was happy. By that time parking lots were full and people were trying to get  spot. Oh I thank god I was out at the right moment from the house.
 As soon as I got into my car and called Paromita back as I couldn’t talk to her when I was standing in the line. She wanted to drop by tomorrow and give me turkey soup which she made from her left over turkey. I said ok.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

panaromic view from San Ramon Park

valley of Dublin, San Ramon between hills

visit to Phaidinga garden 1952
Just came across this old picture taken during year i gave my matriculation examination in 1952   All these girls were my seniors and wonder how I happened to accompany them. 
soft morning sunlight on the tender grasses

evening shadow on our street 

leaves crackling under my feet
morning walk takes me to the creek where I can converse with  nature and the universe. How serene all these I can sit here and spend the whole day contemplating on the beauty of the universe.