Saturday, November 30, 2019

Haiku by Jamuna.

Yellow chrysanthemum laid
Over the tombstone
Hungry petite squirrel ate

Dazed by fall colors
walking under autumn trees
in fanciful dream.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Saaya's visit to California

10/11/19 Friday
We had been looking forward to Saaya's visit here in California with her friend Kim. On October 10 FridaymLall and Shobha went to pick them up from SFO, their flight was in time in the evening. I had kept dinner ready for them. 
They arrived at the expected time and I had been waiting for them. As soon as Saaya saw me I could see the sparkle in her eyes, "hi Dadima" she said and walking faster toward me she extended her arms and gave me a warm hug. Responding to her I also hugged her and said,"welcome to California. The memory of the moment lingers and a smile peeps up on my face. It was as if we were meeting after many years but we just met two months back at their place in Woodbridge, Canada. 
During this period of their visit my on line class with Len Leatherwood was going on and I was a bit tense as I had to submit my assignment and do group comments too. I still couldn't figure out where to post the comments for the particular person I was partnered with that week. It was a four week class and very tense but very useful. 

Next day on Saturday Shobha and Lall took them to the city of San Francisco for the city tour.  At the end of the city tour they were shown Facebook Thumbs up  location in Bay Area. Earlier in the morning they had given me ride to my friend Pangila's house to stay the night and also attend the farewell party at her house in San Jose as she was leaving for India permanently.  
The lunch was organized by KB and her husband Sandeep, and many Naga families also I met. Some of them I met before but mostly new. Niang and Bapcha then, Vung with her daughter Isabel came. Jan couldn't come as her husband was down with pneumonia. 
Pangila Wallang from Nagaland

group picture of Pangila's farewell party.

group photo Pangila's farewell party
 Next day after the party I was ready to leave Pangila's place at 9am as I wanted to join the trip to Monterey and Carmel by the beach. Good that I decided to go with them because some of the places I don't remember going there before.

Saaya and Kim on the way to Monterey

Saaya and Kim

Saaya and Kim

Jamuna Advani near Bixby bridge Carmel, CA

going down to beach near Carmel

in the beach

lunch at the beach

Shobha in front of Coffee shop

coming up from the beach

Saaya and Kim enjoying the view on the beach
Lall and Shobha helped me upload the plants Pangila gave me and also a bottle wine for Lall. Out of the left over I picked up some drinks for the trip and some fruits and nuts. I said goodbye to Pangila and joined the trip to Monterey. As we drove by near the seaside along the coast we could hear Kim expressing oh, oh ahah in excitement. She equally excited going on the windy road as well as the sight of the cottages hanging on the steep side of the hills. we drove about a 45 minutes reaching to Byxby bridge in Carmel where we stopped to enjoy the sight.
on the Monterey beach

Monterey beach

birds sunbathing in Montereybeach

in front of the BubbaGump Restuaarant.

view of Apple's spaceship shape head quarters

on 18th evening Lall managed to take us to the Google and Apple locations and the above photo was taken from the upper floor of the store of the Apple head quarter which looked like spaceship. Then we had gone to Google place led by Sean and Kim had a good time taking picture with Google icon. 

google lover.

On the day their journey back home they started early, Shobha and Lall took then to the Winery at Livermore and lunch at In and Out which was their favorite place. That was the last chance for them to have lunch during this visit. Then lastly they were dropped at the airport for their flight back to Canada on October 19, 2019.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Washington visit September 19 to 24, 2019

Shivani's 21st birthday.
September 21, 2019.
We are all enjoying the dance at the floor. Old and young all who are ready to dance join us. Meera my sister in law has trouble in breathing but still she is ready to join the group. In between she sits down and takes her breath and smiles. Tinu's mom Ushaji sits with her friend and relatives looking at the group dancing and I think she is enjoying  it too. Tinu's dad Raja Saboo also joins us and leaves soon after about 10 minutes. I also need to sit down in between to take a break and renew my stamina. Lata and her husband Louie can dance from beginning to the end and they are never tired. the loudspeaker continues with Indian Bollywood songs and later in between American too.
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As we got the call from Tini Shivani's  mom to come for the Shivani's party for her 21st birth day I agreed to go. That was the time Sarojnalini was with her daughter Monica at Rockville. And that was a good opportunity to meet them and do my interview for the Gratitude program. I  immediately booked my ticket Washington DC by Alaska Airlines landing at  DC Ronald Reagan Airport. When I reached the destination and came out it was around 5 pm. I didn't want to bother Tini as she was going to Pentagon for meeting during that week and she could come out only after 5 pm. she couldn't have phone during the meeting time web she was inside and hence there was no chance of contacting her. So I informed her that I would be taking Uber and go directly to their house in Virginia.

I did take Uber anti  took me 20 minutes or so and the fare was ansi reasonable. Once I reached their home I told the driver  "thank you"  and guided  her to turn from a particular spot of the drive way. Going toward the main door and rang the bell, there was no response. Waited for sometime but no one came to open the door. So I called Meera by phone and she responded and came to open the door.
Meera Jamuna abd Mrs Senior Saboo

Me in saree for the puja

me for evening party in dress.

Shobha Lata and Sadia

All family members coming from Canada. USA

Bianca, Shobha,Reyden, Jibesh
I pulled in my luggage inside their living room and left near the the lift. After I the room I saw Mr. Raja Saboo and Usha Saboo sitting and having their tea on the dining table.  We exchanged greetings and I also sat down on one of the chairs. Meera said she was going to make tea for me and I joined her in  the kitchen making tea.

Exchanging and relating each other's journey to DC I came to know they had come from Chandigarh India one week before to attend Shivani's birthday. As my daughter Shobha had some commitments she and her husband Lall couldn't come and that is why I came. Then next day they changed their plan and were supposed to reach DC just on the day of the Party. So long as they are in time it was okay.
The weather was mild, not too hot and I loved it. Next day woke up early and after having tea went for a walk toward right side on the walking trail for about 20 minted and returned. I felt quite good. Everyone from Canada came Jibesh and his family earlier and then Lata and Louie with Bianca. All of them came driving. Late night family (Tinu's relative) from New Ypinork came. Now the house full. I was assigned in the room at the basement sharing the double bed with Rachna my daughter in law. Jibesh my son and grandson Reyden to sleep on the couch in the same basement. Lata and her family wanted to sleep in the TV room in the basement. Basement had pingpong room exercise room and wine cellar as big as one bedroom. The upstairs rooms were occupied by guests from Tinu's side of the family and his parents. Shobha and Lall went to sleep at Betu's house which was two houses away. Betu's house extra rooms as their kids were all out to the colleges. Betu is Tini's older brother.
In the morning of 21st September there was some prayer ritual by a pundit/priest. All of us were ready by 9 am when the ritual started. I wore my saree which everyone liked and commented. Shobha and Lall reached just in time for the puja/ritual. Lunch followed in the dining room and  puri and chana all curry which was prepared by Rashida. Pushpa/Bhavna/Baby came with her daughter to meet us. After spending sometime together and having lunch they left. It was nice to see them after a long time. Meera invited them for the party but they couldn't make it due to prior engagement.

Evening was the birthday party at the National Harbor front Sunset Boulevard. I got ride from Betu and Ginnie and it was on the third floor. As we entered the room it was decorated with  more than fifty balloons hanging with Shivani's pictures attached. It was impressive. Once we passed through that room we saw many People already having drinks and snacks some sitting down some walking around. The waiters were walking around with trays of snacks.

we took each different vegetarian and nonvigetarian snacks. I took most of the snacks and that already filled my appetite. Jaivaardhan Saboo/Tinu spoke for the occasion which he was planning for sometime. But Shivani didn't want a big party but the father managed to do so. Dances going one one can see behind this photo of Ginnie and Shobha.
Ginnie, Shobha

Bianca,Shobha,Breyden, Jibesh

Shivani, Jamuna

Shobha, Shivani

Jibesh, Shobha, Lata

Jibesh, Brayden

Jibesh, Rachna

Jibesh, Rachna, Shobha

Shobha and Lall
The party lasted till 12 midnight but I cam back early with Betu and his family around 11 pm. Next day was a get together while Shabi and her husband came to see us. Lall's friend from Bangladesh came to meet Shobha snd Lall. They met during their tour of China.
On 22nd evening Jibesh after dropping Rachna at the airport gave me ride to Monica's place at Rockvile. I was supposed to stay there for two nights and take flight from their house at around 2pm by taking Uber to airport. It took us about an hour to reach their house as traffic was not good. Sarojnalini Monica's mom called to know what time I would be reaching their house. I said "half an hour"
Getting impatient but we need to obey the traffic which was beyond our control.

Thursday, October 3, 2019


Going to LA tomorrow to attend the proposal coming up of Lucas for his partner on Saturday evening at one of the spots he has chosen. It is mystery for his partner as Locus wants to keep it a surprise for his partner.
Tomorrow we start at around 2 PM for Los Angeles. Got a gift for Komal's baby. Two books (The Letter ) I am taking to gift to both of them Leon and Lucas. Good chance to celebrate their birthday.

Today Friday the 13th famous being hear say we start for LA and we would be staying at Komal and Ankush's house. Today Lucas is proposing Sean at the  site facing the beautiful sunset. Below the pictures taken during the party given by Lucas for this day of Proposing Sean his partner.
September 14, Lucas gave the party inviting Seans side of family and all our side(Tejwani)

  September 14 , 2019
Lall and Shobha left Kola's house early to pick up Leon and Billi but their flight got delayed and hence Shobha and Lall left airport to go to the party venue at 8440 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood. (Mondrian Hotel)
I came with Komal and Ankush to the party. On the way sitting next to Aashi she was smiling at me all the way but I had to hide from her as her mom trying to bottle feed her. Mr.Tejwani and Meenu were sitting there already and I was surprised as they didn't say they were coming. We had good snacks and food as the attendants were walking around with trays of varieties of mouth watering snacks.

 Sept 15,
We celebrated Lucas and Leon's birth day at Spice Affair at Beverly Hills. High end Indian restaurant we had good time all the family members being present. I gifted Lucas and Leon one book my memoir "The Letter" each. Dev's friend Amit came from Guam and few old friends of Lucas from LA area also attended the party. Below the pictures taken at the restaurant.