Thursday, April 30, 2015

My memoir "The Letter"

Publishing a book is like giving birth to a baby with all the pains and joy of having the baby during the process of delivery. This realization dawns on me  as I had gone through both the processes: childbirth and publishing a book.
After I had published my book of poems "Land of the Dancing Deer,"  and "Symphony of Heart Songs" I finally could complete my memoir "The Letter"
"The Letter"a memoir was  published in 2014. My friends and readers had given me words of encouragement and support. I am so grateful to all. I want to share some of the comments I had received.

Customer reviews at for the book The Letter by Jamuna Devi Advani
A Cultural Understanding
By LaDonna Fehlberg
Format: Jamuna Devi Advani writes with definitive honesty and touches the tender spot of recollection with heart in her new book, The Letter. Her notations and memories served her well in recounting her childhood, young adult life progressing to present times in the United States. She is gifting following generations of heirs, friends and general readership. Readers are  entertained as well as more knowledgeable about the circumstances, customs and creativity of Jamuna’s life in her homeland India. It certainly satisfies some of the questions about the changes and what holds fast in her country. She relates her past experiences with her innate grace and allows us to know she is always ready for new experiences.

The letter below was sent through my daughter Lata, I acknowledge this letter with all my heart. Thank you Purobi.

Dear Girls,
I would like to share something-----a friend of mine handed me a book to read (knowing my deep nostalgia for the North East) telling me it was the story of a Manipuri lady----- as I started reading the book which unfolded beautifully, I realized the lady in question was the mother of Lata and Shobha Advani, who were my seniors while at school --- the book is called The Letter by Jamuna Devi Advani and it has so many threads interspersed----- the history of her family, the Second World War and the North East as we all know it ----for most parts inaccessible, beautiful and always tugging at our hearts---- I recommend this read for all --- and Lata Advani Visieu, do convey to your mother how deeply her writing touches heart -----from Purobi Memon.

Spring in the air

Spring In The Air
As spring teases with Prussian sky
Apple and cherry blossoms in abundance
I love to embrace the moment
Like a bee in his blossoms.

As spring slips gradually
 Easter came and gone
The stir of excitement
In egg hunting
Already calmed down.
The graduates of all levels proudly
Show their prize possessions.

As celebrations for
Mother’s day, Father’s day to roll on.
Spring  still continues to pamper us
and couples in love with wedding bells in the air.