Friday, March 9, 2012

Night Hours

While I stood facing the West
Saw the sun giving away to night
As the darkness engulfed the entire universe
A speck of peace came along with it,
The host of this universe blew kisses
And turned into stars ,
My mind swam along with the stars
In the cosmic ocean.
Drifted to the shore of happiness,
Away from the muck of life
A sparkled wish entered my heart
And as I cling to my last breath
I will say I love the whole universe.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The unforgettable moment,
The torture!
You knuckled, punched, slapped me,
you swirled and swooshed me,
squeezed and beat me,
whirled and twirled me around,
when I reeled and rolled,
you tossed me into the fire.
I stood with a vengeance,
“I shall show you
my true color!”
And he just smiled and gleamed!
There stood in cool, calm,
an angelic feature in glaze.
The miracle just happened
out of the potter’s hand!

Written by Jamuna Devi Advani