Thursday, May 16, 2013

Silent Dream

Silent Dream On the track leading to life’s destiny The train chained By chattering thoughts Speeds on non-stop. The restless mind crowded with the Wagons of happiness and sorrows Is embedded in exuberant past and present. Those alternate moments of joy and woe Are marked permanently on the pebbled path of life, Its swiftness unconceivable. Even the mighty hands of knowledge and science Cannot slow it down. As it moves on uninterrupted Unaware of the ones, left alone in the desert sand The myriads of the lonely souls Mingled and lost with the whistling wind of obstacles Floats in the air in despair. The heaven and sky shed tears of rain to quell the anguish While mother earth opens her arms. Fleeting images of the hills and plains, And the tunes of the birdsongs Whispering to the moon and sun Give melody to my silent muse. These hovering invisible fleets of thoughts, Run forever on the track of my silent dream.