Monday, May 3, 2010

The final days of my mother

My Mother’s Last Days. ( By Jamuna Devi Advani)

She lies on her bed
Weakness with old age
The long lustrous black hair
Now in silver grey in braid
Her face so gentle, and calm.
Three springs passed
I am back to see her.
“Mom”, I call her,
she opens her eyes
I see a glimpse of happiness
then drops of tear on her cheeks
she knows about Rup, my husband,
whose funeral service only a week ago.
I feel the pain in my heart
To see her so weak and helpless.
I sit next to her holding her hand
we both are silent
only two hearts murmuring to each other.
Eight days passed
slight improvement in between
tonight, the ninth day my brother informs me
Maiba (a priest for the final journey of life}
has been called;
I rush toward her bed,
I see her eyes closed
breathing heavily.
Mom please do not go away leaving me so soon
I sit close to her, her head on my lap
my hand stroking her hair gently
She seems to be so much at peace.
And she has gone home to Eternity
this day the 4th March,1997.
Both my dearest, closest ones
Have left me forever,
I return to America with silent tears.