Friday, February 27, 2015

In memory of Rup Advani

My space is empty
Only solitude remains.
In the shadow of sadness                                                                                 
Trying to erase you from my mind,
But the moment eyes closed
You’re there standing.

Do you remember?
“No more private dreams
Our dreams mingled
Two souls unite
When love finds and binds the two of us”. 

Do you remember?
All the comforts of life we shared,
Happy and sad days combined, you by my side.        

Warrant of destiny came in surprise form
And you’re gone forever.
Only the presence of happy memories remains, now tinged with sadness!
Inescapable sorrows and happiness are elements of solitude for the moment?
(Rup, my soul mate for 36 years left this worldly abode on February 17 1997.  I post this poem in his fond memory.)

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