Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meeting my old friend

After long 12 years I met at Las Vegar my friend Radha on 25th December. It was her birthday too. Her daughter-in-law Priya brought quite good gifts for her mother-in-law Radha, that same day as she happened to return from India. It was a perfect day for Radha's birthday.
She was my buddy in Kalikota, going  together for prayer meetings of Sathya Sai Baba in the same city and also at Puttaparty in Southern India. She moved to US while I moved to Canada around same time from India early 1990s, but we kept in touch regularly for some time. Eventually I moved to US in Northern California where she also lived. But after some time she moved away with her children to Las Vegas and we kept in touch but not regularly.
This time during Christmas 2013 I had chance to meet her and spent the evening on 25th December evening with her in her home and then in one of the casinos. Well It was the most memorable day of my visit  among all my previous visits to Las Vegas  Meeting my friend after more than a decade was a special day.

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