Friday, September 21, 2012

War against a tiny Intruder

War against a tiny intruder Tiny spider crawling, An enemy in my room! My tapping feet to scare it off yield no result Running his heart in the mouth Suddenly froze into death. Motionless, it watched my steps. My eyes focused on it. My feet remained rooted The tiny enemy .remained frozen in eternity I became an impatient onlooker,. The gravity of war heightened A changed strategy was all I needed . My feet moved toward it, The creature acknowledged the oncoming danger Ran as fast as it could and Hid by the side of the mat. Seeing its desperate attempt to save its life, .My decision to leave it alone Was now the only choice, I had no skill to communicate with it That my intention was to let it out of the room without a pinch of harm. It was left alone by the side of the mat But my inquisitiveness brought me to the spot And found it gone from its hiding place, Climbing up on the white wall it rested with a sigh of relief. With a peace of soft tissue paper in hand The tiny spider was picked up carefully And flipped it off the tissue outside the house. As if breathing like a thunderstorm It ran away toward the cover of the grass., The tiny creature won the war It gave me the enlightened vision That for every living being Life is as precious as anyone else.

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