Saturday, December 31, 2011

The most memorable Thanksgiving

Written by Jamuna Advani
I am alone for the last few days as my daughter Shobha, and her husband, Lall are vacationing in India. My grandkids have arrived from Southern California one day before Thanksgiving. The oldest of the three Dev came with Leon, one of the twins who studies in UC San Diego. Lucas, the other twin arrives late from UCLA as he has to give a ride to one of his friends. I have made chicken curry and rice for them and they enjoy having home food for a change. Next day isThanksgiving day and since the parents are not around we plan to celebrate with Thanksgiving lunch.
My friend, Pangila and her son ,Rupinder also join us for lunch. Lucas ,after getting all the stuff needed for the lunch such as roasted chicken and turkey , mashed potato, ready made gravy from Safeway takes over the kitchen preparing for the occasion.. I took out chicken curry and rice which I had kept for use later on. I cut some green salad mixed with orange and cut apple pieces. Afterward I decorate the table laying table mats with matching napkins along with plates and spoons. I am quite satisfied as everything is ready for the special meal.
My friendl Pangila says her prayer of thanks for all the bounty and prays for safe return of Shobha and Lall .who are away from home. Armanda, Lucas’s friend from Tracy also joins us. I feel so grateful for all the things going on. It is a perfect Thanksgiving lunch. After lunch all my grand kids disappear with their friends. I am happy that my friend is staying with me till tomorrow.
In the evening is the thanksgiving dinner at Senior and Community Center in Alcosta Blvd. My friend and I feel that it will be fun to be with all the seniors. We arrive at 4.45 pm but the front door of Senior Center is still closed and a note on the door say directing us to go to the North side door where there is a kitchen entrance. Then I see Nick Vitalis inside coming toward the door and inserts his key to to open the door, at the same time signaling us to wait. The door opens and we are welcome with snacks and drink near a warm burning fire place. But before that we have to check in with the lady with the lists. We sit near the fire and the warmth of it is so soothing after coming from the chilling wind outside. Neither my friend Pangila nor I take any snack or drink as we want to do justice to the dinner.
After about 15 minutes we are ushered inside the dining hall and I am so overwhelmed to see the beautifully decorated tables. At the corner is one table specially decorated with Turkey feathers.
We pick our table and join the line for dinner. As our turn comes we are served individually by the volunteers. The Buffet Menu:
Beautiful garden salad
Cranberry/Orange Spiced Jello Mold
Oven Roast Turkey
Glazed Holiday Ham
Candied Yam Bake
Classic Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Potato with Gravy
Country Style Dressing
Cranberry Sauce
Apple Sauce Rolls and Butter, Beverages
Holiday Pie Selections
The dinner is over. Nick Vitalis along with his wife Colleen Vitalis and his colleague Terry entertain us with classic music taking us down the memory lane Only one couple has the courage to get up and dance till the end. Everyone enjoys and claps. It is now 7 pm and we return home humming the nostalgic tune of the songs we just have been entertained with.

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