Friday, June 18, 2010

What I love

I love reading fiction and nonfiction books and poems.
I love writing poems.Now when I think of writing something my mind goes straight to a poem.
I love walking on the trail by the side of our creek and the hill side nearby.
It gives me immense pleasure watching the birds. I meet a bird on my daily walk perching on the side fence. This one does not fly away when I pass by while others rush away in to the bush or fly to the branches of the nearby trees. I know it is a road runner. This one has become my friend and as I have never seen it running away like others.

I love watching the different the trees, different colors and shapes of all the leaves.

I love watching the slow rise of morning sun and the golden yellow hue of the setting sun.
I love getting emails from friends and relatives.
I love people who can talk a lot as I can think while they are talking.

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